Best Android Notifications apps for customization

Best Android notification apps
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Best Notification App- Are you a person who is fond of android notifications? Do you love customization? Do you like to customize your android device? If you do, Then you are on the right page.

Android notifications are kind of short reminder that Android UI generates for its user. This basically works like an alert message so you can get whatever info you really want.

These notifications can inform you about the weather, match scores, incoming events, news and messages and other text from messaging apps. All the android notifications can be disabled or enabled from android settings anytime.

Android notifications can be displayed over status bar, notification drawer, lock screen or on the heads up.

Best android customization apps
Android notifications

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Best Android Notification Apps-

So, now let’s talk about some of the best android notification apps that will let you to customize you android notification in an easy way.

LED Blinker Pro

Led Blinker Pro is a simple yet very useful notification application developed by MoSoft. This app does some simple jobs for you like managing your led notification light and works like that if you don’t have the hardware on your device.

This Led notification app can give you a notification about Missed calls and SMS, Low Battery status, Google Mail, Facebook messages, WhatsApp messages and many more apps with lots of customization. 

Features of the LED Blinker Pro

So, guys, let’s talk about some cool features of the LED blinker pro App-

  • Supports the latest Android versions.
  • Battery Efficient app.
  • Custom led colors with a lot of customization.
  • Light and Dark color selection available.
  • Works even you don’t have the actual LED hardware.

Dynamic Notifications App

Dynamic Notification is great android notification personalization app developed by Great Bytes Software. This app notifies you for any important message or information you are receiving on your phone in the simplest way.

Dynamic Notification app is highly optimized and works perfectly fine on most of the smartphones because of the regular updates given by the developer. This notification app allows you to select the application form in which you want notification and create a list accordingly. The app really works great and this is the only reason for this being on our list.

Get it here: Play store

Features of the Dynamic Notification App

  • Automatic screen wakeup when you pull your phone out of your pocket.
  • It provides an optimal notification light without hardware.
  • Manages battery very well.
  • User- friendly GPU and optimized software.

Floating Notification App

Floating Notification refers to changing the notification style into a kind of small shortcut that overlays over any app which you are using. If you have used the messenger app then you might be familiar with how these actually work.

if you really love multitasking so you must use Floating notifications. These notifications do not need any specific app but although some mobile may require an external app so you can find it on play store.

Features of the Floating Notification App

  • Easily overlay over other apps so allows multitasking.
  • Feels handy to use.
  • Works pretty well with fewer ads.
  • Supports almost all the apps notification and also allows customization.

Heads-Up Notifications App

Heads-Up notification is one of the most futuristic android notification app which makes accessing notification a lot more easier in Android.

The app allows you to sort app notification according to your preferences. The chosen apps notifications will pop up as a circle on your screen and then you can access it ad even take actions directly from the app.

Heads up notification is available in most of the countries and widely used and trusted by its users.

Get it here: Play store

Shouter App

Shouter app is no doubt one of my personal favorite android notification app because of its unique and different concept.

The app actually converts your android notification into a voice message. Cool right? its really fun and useful when you cant use your phone to check every notification. Shouter really works without any problem every time.

This app not only shouts about notification but it also shouts out various notifications such as battery percentage and caller name making it easier to pick up the phone during driving.

Great features of Shouter App

  • Shouts out the selected notifications only.
  • Highly customizable.
  • Shouts the caller name so you can know who is calling

Get it here: Play store


Floatify is a modern and professional looking notification customizing app developed by Jowamo. The app comes with tons of features like automatic notification reply and instant replies from the notification itself

This app works on almost all the latest android versions and is very easy to use. Floatify also allows you to set a customized notification sound for each and every app so you can make a difference for every notification.

Main features of Floatify

  • Lets you choose from custom backgrounds for each app.
  • It allows you to set predefined messages for notifications.
  • Music controls for each app.
  • No privacy issues.
  • User-friendly GPU.

Get it here: Playstore

Power Shade

Best android customization apps
Best android customization apps
Best android customization apps

Power shade is one of the most powerful and useful android notifications panel changer. that can really change your notification tab and make it futuristic and clean.

This app can literally customize each and every part of the notification tab like colors size icons and other things. Apart from customization, this app can also do quick things like quick reply mute notification and priority settings.

Power shade also comes with an additional function that is a dark mode which looks really nice and sweet. The app is free and can be downloaded from the below link.

Download : Power shade

Some basic queries about Android Notifcations-

What are Push notifications?

Push notifications are the popups that come on our mobile screens. These are basically like an alert kind of thing that tells you about any specific app or function.

These were first seen in 2008 when apple launched push notifications. Since then it became one of the most important things as they can provide you a lot of value like you can get weather and temp info to match results etc just on your lock screen.

However, sometimes you might get disturbed from some notification from third parties app and that can really be annoying else these are really worth it.

Can I save notifications of my device?

Best android customization apps

Notifications some time have a lot more importance and info then we usually get and sometimes they disappear and then we don’t have any idea what it really was. So, saving notification for this situation is never a bad idea.

Here we introduce you a great app known as Notisave. Notisave is a notification saving apps which when turned on starts saving all the notifications in the notification tab.

This app will save all the important notifications like messages, status and etc. The app is available on play store and you can download Notisave from here

How can I block all notifications on my phone?

Notification blocker

Notifications are the most important part but some times they can be really annoying for you as you might not be available to get notifications at that time. So, you might be thinking how can I get rid of theses notification so here we are.

Notification Blocker & Cleaner & Heads-up Off is a free and fantastic application available on play store. This app is actually a multifunctional application that can clear and block almost each and every type of notification. the application is rated for almost 4.5 stars on the playstore and has very good reviews. All these features make Notfifcation blocker to the list of best notification apps.

Features of app

  • free to use.
  • Add free user interface.
  • One tap clean all notifications.
  • It allows you to block notifications.
  • No root required.

Download from here

Can I schedule my notification timings?

Best android customization apps
Notification scheduler

If you ask me about scheduling notifications it might not seem to be practical but actually, it is possible and here we will find out how.

Daywise: Schedule Notifications. Be calm & focused is a fabulous application which can schedule notifications according to you and customize according to your taste.

Daywise comes with a lot of functions like it will sort your notifications into two types important and frequent. Important notifications will be displayed only of tab else will be scheduled according to you. This makes Daywise one of the best notification app.

Get daywise here: Google Plays store

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So, here we learned a lot about android notifications and the android notification apps by which you can customize android notifications according to your taste. If you loved the content please fo share it with your friends and family.

That’s up for this article keep checking us we post these types of content regularly.

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