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Top 5 Apps like InstantWatcher for iPhone/iPad (for free)

Alternatives for instantwatcher
Written by Hammad Khan

Apps like InstantWatcher, Instantwatcher is an ios based application which allows the user to browse and search Netflix instant streaming titles. As of your search, it also collects similar videos from youtube and shows off on screen. Then you can easily play the videos directly from the application itself.

The app is great from the people who love to watch movies and Tv shows. Instantwatcher directly provides user data, link, and review from the top-rated website so you don’t have to go anywhere for searching any type of review.

One thing you must note that Instant Watcher itself is not able to stream any video from Netflix. For watching any Netflix titles on your iPhone/iPad you have to download Netflix application into your iPhone or iPad. After downloading and buying Netflix membership you can easily use the application for non-stop entertainment.

List of apps similar to Instantwatcher (Instantwatcher alternatives)

So this is a list of Top 5 apps similar to Instantwatcher for iPhone/iPad

1. Just Watch (movies and TV shows)


3. DirecTV


5. Netflix

Just Watch (movies and TV shows)

A simple but useful application. Justwatch is a dream app for the person who loves watching web series, TV shows, and movies.

Sometimes we are willing to watch something new from regular days but because of too many apps like Netflix, Amazon and other apps we can’t decide what should you watch this problem can be easily solved by Justwatch application.

This application does just some simple job. It searches movies and videos according to your preferences from almost all the platforms and provides you the best possible results. To get started you just have to open the app. Select your country and the favorite provider according to your preferences and that’s it you’re done now you can easily find any shoes you want to watch.

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Tubi is a free application available on app store and this is the best part of the application as you can find any title according to your heading without paying any money. The company estimated over 50,000+ titles available in its library.

Getting started on Tubi is very easy you just need the app itself and that’s it. Yes, you don’t even have to create an account or other things. You can directly find and watch videos you like. In some movies, you will require an account but it’s totally free of cost.

Tubi is of no competition to Netflix because of the Netflix high profile shows. But when it comes to money Tubi is ahead because it provides its user thousands of shows for free without any subscription you must try it out for once.


Directv is an application which allows a user to stream bundles of the channel directly through his mobile for a monthly package rate. The app does not require any cable or satellite connection it can surf data and videos from your internet and let you watch movies and shows.

It is not a free application but for it cost only 35$ for a month and for that much of money it provides value for money. One thing you should know is like Tv satellites and other it also has some advertisement or commercials and that is the reason for the low prices of Directv.

Sometimes, you might think you have watched a lot and you no longer need this service so the cancellation is simple as subscribing. go to Settings > User Account > Manage My Plan. The “Cancel Plan”.


Yidio allows a user to instantly watch movies of various genres from a variety of channels like DirecTV, HBO GO, HBO NOW, etc for free. note that from free we don’t mean all channels ae free some movies and TV shows will need a subscription to watch.

The app offers various videos but all videos are not played directly some of the videos will redirect you to the parent website of the video provider.

Yidio player is very easy to use with fewer functions. It is very easy to get used to for a new user. You can also directly share from the player itself from a simple share button. The problem we find out is no subtitles are available in the videos which make it a little bit awkward for a user.


One of the most Known platform all over the world in the world of streaming. Netflix has made his name on almost all top 3 list in the movies, Tv shows streaming apps.

The best in class app updates movies and Tv shows almost every day. I can’t even name the top shows. As almost all the shows are best in their category and genre. With different and interesting stories all the time.

The thing is Netflix is not free and you need a subscription for that. So, if you want to watch Tv shows, movies, etc without spending any money. You can choose any of the above Instant watcher alternatives.


here, we discussed about Top 5 alternatives for Instantwatcher. With the list and little bit of detailed information now you can find your favorite Tv shows. That’s all for the article keep supporting and visiting us for more useful information.

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