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Amino app for PC
Written by Hammad Khan

Amino PC– Ever thought of finding a person with whom you can talk about your interests? Ever thought of meeting people who share the same interests as you? If you do, Then Amino app is just for you.

Amino is a Social networking application where you can chat, Video call and meet a bunch of people. The app is available all around the world so you can find, meet and chat with people from all around the globe.

The platform is very popular and has tons of users. Amino Apk is available for both android as well as iOS devices. But it is strange that so much popular Amino app has no official application for desktop. That disappoints a lot of audience but here at technofyre, we will learn a way by which you can actually use the Anime Amino in PC.

What is Amino PC?

Amino PC
Amino App

Amino for PC will help you to log in and use the amino desktop version. What does that mean? It means basically you can use Amino in PC just like you do in your mobile devices and not only that you can also Amino login PC with the same account you use in your other device.

With Amino desktop you can create your stories, Novels, etc and find an engaging audience. You can also search for your interests and find content related to your hobbies, skills, etc. Here you can also join or create a committee and explore more and more.

Let’s consider you are just bored or have some free time, You can hop into the world of Amino and positively spend your free time learning some new skills or enhancing your skills.

Features of Amino For PC-

Now, let’s talk about the best features offered by the Amino Desktop app.

Read, Write, Learn, Create- You can literally do all these things in the amino app. like you can search and read out other stories or content, or you can also write down and create your own content and create your own community or fan club.

Chat with people- You can also find out tons of people and chat and talk about anything you love. You can make friends and share your thoughts and ideas on your interests.

Customize your feed- With the Amino PC app you can select your favorite topics or interests and you will get notified if anyone posts on the topic or has any question regarding it.

Totally Anonymous- Most of the people these days don’t want to share their identity on online platforms. So, those people can easily use amino cause all the stuff here works anonymously so no one knows your original identity till you tell them by your own.

Customized stickers– stickers can help us to show a Lot of emotions like sad, happy, love, etc. and Amino PC app has done a great job here by giving a customize sticker button by which you can customize sticker on your own.

Download Amino PC (By Using BlueStacks)

To download Amino in desktop all you need to do is follow the steps below-

Step 1. First of all, you need to download BlueStacks emulator in your PC.

Step 2. Now download the Amino Apk from this link.

Step 3. Then install the BlueStack emulator and complete the Setup.

Step 4. Now open the emulator, At the top side of the homepage you will find add apk option. Add the downloaded Amino apk.

Step 5. Wait till the installation is finished.

Yay! You are now good to go. Now you can use Amino on your desktop.

Basic Queries-

  • Can you get Amino on PC?

Yes, absolutely you can get Amino App in your PC. But there is no official application you need to use an Emulator.

  • Do you have to pay for Amino?

No, if you are a basic user then you don’t have to pay any amount to Amino. But if you need some extra features and stuff then you have to do some in-app purchases.

  • How can I get Amino+

You can get Amino plus by buying a membership.

The Verdict

So, Now you have Amino app in your PC you can do whatever you want without any restrictions. If you have any problem in downloading the Amino app on your PC. Please let us know in the comments below. We will try to solve it for sure.

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